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At PT. Ina Publikatama, our sole mission is to become the leading distributor of library resources in Indonesia by establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with our stakeholders by providing only the best quality products and services.

Established in 1984, we first journeyed into the publishing industry in Indonesia as a subscription agency circulating world-renowned international magazines such as the McGraw-Hill, Time, and Fortune.

Over the past years, we have expanded our business towards other parts of the industry, such as journals and books. To this day, we have published over 22 copyright books within the subject of sociology, politics, religion, and humanities. We have now also become the authorized representatives of thousands of books as well as hundreds of journal titles varying in multi-disciplines.

Preparing ourselves in the revolution towards Industry 4.0, we have then brought ourselves into the “Internet of Things” (IoT), by providing you with a large collection of electronic books and journals just clicks away in a very user-friendly and convenient platforms, and most importantly, always up-to-date.

Our team is friendly and professional, they will be sure to help you with everything you need on expanding your resource collections in no time. Reliability is one thing that you can take from us, granted.

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