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Mini Encyclopedia Rocks and Fossils is the mini book crammed with masses of knowledge about rocks, minerals and fossils.
This compact, comprehensive children’s encyclopedia uses clear, bulleted facts and incredible info panels to explain everything from the formation of rocks to how they change over time and who studies them. Every topic is supported by photographs, realistic artwork and detailed diagrams, and colour-coded sections make navigation through the topics easy and quick.
A perfect introduction to rocks and fossils books for kids who want a deeper understanding, Mini Encyclopedia Rocks and Fossils is small enough to slot into school bags, making this a fantastic resource for school projects and homework at late elementary/middle school levels.
Chapters and some examples of topics included in Mini Encyclopedia Rocks and Fossils:
# Rocks: Igneous rocks, Metamorphic rocks, Limestone, Granite, Coal and Marble
# Minerals: Gemstones, Quartz, Opal, Fool’s gold, Sapphire and amber
# Fossils: Extinction, Evolution, Anthropods, Molluscs, Dinosaurs
Incredible facts about rocks and fossils to amaze kids:
# Some of the most delicate organic remains that have been fossilized include the feathers of primitive birds, the wings of dragonflies and the leaves of plants.
# The first nine minerals on Mohs scale have roughly the same gap between them – that is, corundum is nine times harder than talc. Diamond, however, the tenth mineral on the scale, is 40 times harder than talc.
# The oldest rocks to be radiometrically dated are more than 3900 million years old.

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